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Limassol hosts annual wine festival

Southern town stoked on this year’s wine festival as doors open Friday


It’s that joyful time of the year again when Limassol holds its annual Wine Festival, where visitors and wine enthusiasts can have state-sponsored fun just like locals did back in antiquity.

The Festival takes place in the Lemesos (Limassol) Municipal Gardens, which is situated on the east side of the town near the seafront. Doors open officially on Friday evening, August 30, while the festival will run through September 8.

This year’s festival is dedicated to the late Yiorgos Mavrogenis, who designed the giant statue of a Cypriot village winegrower waiting to greet visitors in his traditional local costume

Thousands of visitors, young and old, are expected to walk by a well known figure as they go through the main entrance. A giant statue of a Cypriot village winegrower is waiting to greet them in his traditional local costume.

This year’s festival is dedicated to the designer of the statue, the late Yiorgos Mavrogenis who was an artist, a journalist, a sculptor, and painter, famous for his drawing that became an emblem for the festival since 1961.

Limassol mayor Nicos Nicolaides, who gave a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, said the event this year is an “upgrade at all levels” while adding he was certain visitors would embrace the festival.

“As we hope to continue to attract thousands of locals and foreign visitors, we constantly seek ways to upgrade our folk festival,” the mayor said.

Wine tasting

During the ten day festival, there will be pavilions manned by local wineries offering free wine to visitors. Guests can taste whatever they want before buying bottles of their favourite brands.

Kids corner & food demos

There is also a children’s corner and lots of fun activities for kids, including shadow puppetry, storytelling, arts and crafts, magicians and people walking on stilts.

Winepress action

Old Greek movies will also be screened while  visitors can also enjoy live food demonstrations. A traditional winepress will also be on display where onlookers could potentially take part and learn how the device was used to extract juice from crushed grapes during wine making.

Free transportation schedules are published online, offered by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation. But due to a limited number of seats, visitors are required to book in advance. 

Free admission for large families is also available, where families with four children or more can choose a day to enter free by presenting their 2019 Large Families ID card.

As for parking, municipal authorities urge the public to park their vehicles at specific locations which can be found here. 

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