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Perseids peak this weekend

Moderate but still fun meteor shower as Perseids dash across night skies this weekend


Stargazing enthusiasts can expect to see around a dozen Perseids per hour this weekend, which is the peak of the summer meteor shower.

The Perseids have been active since mid-July, during the time that Earth passes through the path of 109P Swift-Tuttle Comet from July 17 through August 24.

Born from the orbital debris of the comet, the Perseids produce spectacular fireballs and intense peaks, as individual meteors dash across the night skies.

Sunday, August 11, after midnight

But the real spectacle will unfold over one night known as the peak, expected to be August 12. This means more and brighter meteor showers can be seen on Sunday after midnight as well as late Monday night.

Experts say Perseids can be seen at higher rates in years without moonlight, while in a Perseids outburst could include a spectacular show of 150-200 meteors per hour.

This year’s nature show is expected to be somewhat less bright due to moonlight but viewers can still expect to see fireballs occasionally during the peak weekend.

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