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Deputy Minister: Cyprus shipping benefits from Brexit

Natasa Pilidou speaks to Kathimerini


Cyprus shipping has benefited more than other European countries from Brexit said Deputy Minister for Shipping Natasa Pilidou in an interview with Kathimerini's Maria Eracleous which was published on Sunday.

Pilidou said that some companies are thinking about either transferring their offices to Cyprus or placing fleets under the Cyprus flag, while others have already established a presence in Cyprus.

The Minister said that Cyprus must be prepared ''so that in the event of a hard Brexit we know what is the status of our relationship with the United Kingdom''. She noted that inspite of the impressive performance of the Cypriot shipping industry, the Turkish embargo on Cypriot vessels and wider international challenges leave no room for complacency.

Pilidou also said that the procedures for upgrading the equipment of her department will soon be completed. 

Referring to a regular Cyprus-Greece shipping link, she said that it will be completed soon.

Cyprus, Pilidou announced, wishes to engage further in the Asian market, through a representative to attract operators to the Cyprus flag.

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