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Disturbance on London-Cyprus flight leads to passenger's arrest

Viral video captures chaotic scene as police intervene upon arrival at Larnaca Airport


A video capturing the arrest of a passenger on a flight from London to Larnaca has gone viral, showcasing a disruptive incident that unfolded upon the plane's arrival at Larnaca airport.

In the video, shared on TikTok, a man in the front seats of the aircraft is seen causing a disturbance, prompting the flight crew to summon the local police. The police officers ultimately handcuffed the individual.

Upon the arrival of law enforcement, the passenger visibly expresses remorse, stating, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I wanted to pee pee." The disturbance stemmed from the passenger's urgent need to use the restroom. However, fellow passengers seized the opportunity to record videos and take photos, with some even finding humor in the unfolding situation.

Police officials confirmed that the incident is currently under investigation as authorities assess the circumstances surrounding the disruption.

Watch the video below:

[Information from 24Sports]



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