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EU Commissioner Stella Kyriakides honored for health advocacy

Nicosia-Kerynia Lions Club recognizes Kyriakides' contributions to European health initiatives


In an event honoring European Union Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides, the Nicosia-Kerynia Lions Club gathered to recognize her significant contributions.

Health Minister Michael Damianos praised Kyriakides' multifaceted work and described her as an active European citizen unafraid to take a stand on critical issues. He highlighted her selection as one of the 75 women in the Council of Europe's Achievements Awareness Campaign and her presidency of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Kyriakides' advocacy for the Health Union and support for national COVID-19 vaccination campaigns were commended by Damianos, who noted her crucial role in securing vaccines for countries with smaller populations.

Addressing cancer prevention and care, Damianos emphasized Kyriakides' personal commitment to the cause and her launch of "Europe's beating cancer plan" on World Cancer Day in 2020. Her leadership in Europa Donna, alongside her background as a clinical psychologist, demonstrates her dedication to patient advocacy and healthcare improvement.

Under Kyriakides' guidance, stakeholders across the EU are collaborating to enhance cancer prevention, detection, treatment, and patient quality of life, with a focus on evidence-based research and innovation. Damianos highlighted the development of new cancer guidelines and the initiation of EU-US cooperation on cancer as significant milestones achieved through Kyriakides' efforts.

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