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Four injured after man draws knife

Former employee goes berserk over owed money, draws knife at a Nicosia housing project


A former employee at a courier service flew into a rage on Thursday, injuring himself and three others, including an ex cop, when he drew a knife during a heated argument over owed money in Strovolos.

According to media reports, a local man paid a visit to a business establishment in Strovolos’ Kokkines housing project in Nicosia, where he reportedly went to collect money from his former boss at a courier office.

Reports said the situation escalated quickly and things got out of hand as the two men could be heard screaming, prompting guests from an adjacent coffee shop to intervene.

Reports said things got out of hand quickly as the two men could be heard screaming, prompting guests from an adjacent coffee shop to intervene

The former employee then flew into a rage and pulled a knife blade injuring three people, including an ex police officer who attempted to break off the fight. The knife-wielding man then inflicted injuries upon himself according to reports.

Local media also reported that the ex cop, who had been fired from the force, had sustained serious hand injuries and had to undergo emergency surgery. He was later said to be out of danger with no permanent damage.

Police did not issue a statement on Thursday, while according to some media reports the incident took place over €20 that the courier service owner allegedly owed to his former worker.

On Friday morning, police said a 44-year-old man was arrested late night Thursday on multiple assault charges.

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