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How to reinforce the arsenal for the fight against cancer

The greatest threat to human health on a global extend is cancer. National health systems around the globe are under constant alert and are battling time and circumstances in order to contribute to research and hospitalization, to reduce incidents and ameliorate prediction for patients.

According to official records by the Union for International Cancer Control UICC, cancer is the second cause of death worldwide, with increasing tendencies.

In particular, at least 9,6 million people lose their life every year as a result of some sort of cancer. Numbers are expected to double by 2030, whilst 70% of deaths is recorded in countries whose people have low to medium income.

Weight falls onto research

With research and timely diagnosis being the tip of the spear in the fight against cancer, the scientific community and sponsors are working against odds, having faith in science and human power.

Moreover, in 2018 the Swedish Academy honored the fight against cancer, attributing with the Nobel prize in Medicine American immunologist James Allison, and Japanese immunologist Tasuku Honjo for their important discoveries concerning cancer cure.

Increased Funding Needs

Following these past years discoveries, the funding needs for research and cure, are sky rocketing, with states, organizations, enterprises, and private initiate need to join forces.

In this army of cancer fighters, the contribution of the international reach Cypriot character Carbo One Ltd is significant. Within the frame of general sensitization and its corporate and social responsibility, Carbo One Ltd funds significant events that aim at reinforcing research.

The goal is twofold; On one hand fundraising for the unique purpose of reinforcing the means of battling cancer, and on the other hand social sensitization so no patient has to fight alone.

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