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Lady’s Mile mired in controversy again

Authorities on alert ahead of concert at Lady’s Mile, beach cooler ban raises eyebrows


Lady’s Mile Beach finds itself once again at the centre of controversy, with an upcoming concert in the balance due to environmental concerns and a businessman who is trying to get beach coolers banned.

According to local media, activists and beachgoers have raised issue with authorities regarding an upcoming concert right on the beach at Lady’s Mile, Limassol district, while the right of individuals to bring their own beach coolers is also drawing attention.

A concert with performers from Greece is set to take place on June 23, with media saying event organizers failed to reassure authorities that all requirements regarding environmental concerns have been met.

SBA police will be on standby to take the matter to court or even intervene during the event and confiscate loud speakers

Jurisdiction over the protected area of the Akrotiri Peninsula, one of the most important areas for biodiversity in Cyprus, falls within the British Bases. According to Philenews, SBA police will be on standby to take the matter to court or even intervene during the event and confiscate loud speakers.

According to BirdLife Cyprus, an NGO that works to protect and conserve biodiversity in Cyprus, the concert will have an impact on the Kentish Plover, a small and vulnerable shorebird currently nesting in the area.

“These small and sensitive birds are particularly vulnerable to disturbances and are already suffering a lot because of the degraded state that this natural area currently is in,” said BirdLife Cyprus.

The NGO, known for its campaigns against illegal bird trapping and poaching, says the Lady’s Mile area already suffers greatly from misuse, consisting of high numbers of visitors and vehicular disturbance, illegal parking of trailers and parking extended into the local salt lake.

Businessman bans beach coolers

In the meantime, a group advocating for the rights of visitors to bring their own beach coolers, has made a comeback following complaints that a club owner on Lady’s Mile Beach has imposed a ban on beach coolers.

The businessman was said to have put up a sign banning beach coolers on the beach, while people who complained insist they have an “inalienable right” to enjoy public beaches with their own beach coolers.

According to the law, beach goers have a right to freedom of movement and access to public beaches, with offenders risking fines up to 1700 euro and possible jail time if they block members of the public accessing a public beach or forcing them to pay for unsolicited services.

According to Politis, authorities have not taken any action against the ban, citing no official complaint regarding the issue. But Alexia Sakadaki, who is quoted in the story, says it is important for people to know their rights.

Sakadaki also pointed out that in the past, but also currently due to financial constrains, families would always reach for that “rectangular box” in order to avoid steep prices at beach restaurants.

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