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International inspectors hired for 'Golden Passports' probe

Investigation officers to receive €1,150 per day

According to a report on Philenews, the Independent Authority Against Corruption has recruited two "inspection officers" who will be compensated with approximately €1,150 per day for their crucial role in the ongoing investigation surrounding the controversial 'golden passports' issue. Insiders have defended the remuneration, highlighting the expertise of the inspectors and their comparable earnings in similar positions overseas. The appointed inspectors, George Campanellas, and Tanveer Qureshi, are based in the United Kingdom, with one possessing Cypriot heritage and the other hailing from Britain.

The Authority expressed concerns over the reluctance of Cypriot candidates to investigate complaints involving local officials, particularly those related to the infamous "golden passports" scheme associated with former President Nicos Anastasiades' law firm. As reported by Philenews, despite receiving an impressive number of over 90 applications, a significant majority of candidates demonstrated hesitancy when it came to scrutinizing complaints against local officials. Consequently, the Authority made the decision to expand its search internationally, considering applicants from both public and private organizations and institutions.

Earlier this year, a Philenews report revealed that the Authority required a substantial seven-digit sum to effectively address its operational requirements. Although the approved budget for 2023 amounted to €120,000, the Authority sought additional funding through a supplementary budget, which was recently sanctioned by the Council of Ministers.

As the investigation into the 'golden passports' issue progresses, the appointment of international inspectors signifies the Authority's commitment to ensure impartiality and effectiveness in uncovering the truth behind the controversial scheme. The compensation offered to the inspectors aligns with their expertise and the standards observed in similar positions globally. With these developments, the public eagerly awaits the outcome of the investigation, hoping for transparency and accountability in matters concerning corruption.


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