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Investigation underway into unexpected passing of 39-year-old

Results of the autopsy performed on the 39-year-old pregnant woman who died on Thursday (10/8) are imminent


An autopsy was carried out on the body of a 39-year-old pregnant woman who passed away unexpectedly on Thursday (10/8), leaving her family and friends in mourning.

During the autopsy, samples were collected, which will undergo histopathological tests to ascertain the precise cause of her untimely demise.

The post-mortem examination was overseen by forensic specialists Dr. Angeliki Papetta and Dr. Orthodox Orthodox.

The woman, a mother of three children with her fourth on the way, was found unconscious by her relatives during the early hours of Thursday (10/8). Despite being swiftly transported to the hospital, her unfortunate passing was confirmed by medical personnel.

Preliminary inquiries have dismissed any indications of foul play, prompting the police to actively investigate the case as a sudden death.

[Information sourced from 24News]


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