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Japan struck by 7.5 magnitude earthquake, triggering tsunami alerts

Coastal evacuations ordered as quake collapses buildings and ignites fires in western Japan


A powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake rocked western Japan, causing significant damage and prompting tsunami alerts across coastal areas. The quake struck the Noto Peninsula of Ishikawa prefecture, leading to collapsed buildings, fires, and reports of injuries. The Japan Meteorological Agency swiftly issued a tsunami warning, with initial waves observed in places like Wajima. The defense ministry mobilized 1,000 military personnel for rescue operations. A series of aftershocks followed, and authorities cautioned about potential aftershocks, building collapses, and landslides. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida emphasized prioritizing human lives and coordinating comprehensive disaster response efforts.

The earthquake, with a depth of 10 kilometers, struck at 4:10 p.m. local time, causing widespread damage. Tsunami warnings were issued along the western coast, urging residents to evacuate. The city of Wajima experienced tsunami waves of around 1.2 meters, but early reports suggested no immediate severe damage. However, Suzu city reported damaged buildings and injuries, with some people trapped in houses. Hospitals in Suzu received injured individuals, and damaged roads hampered the arrival of medical staff. The defense ministry deployed military personnel to assist in rescue efforts.

Footage from NHK showed intense shaking as waves hit Ishikawa prefecture, resulting in collapsed roofs and shaken foundations. The quake disrupted services of Japan's Shinkansen bullet trains, and more than 32,500 homes in Ishikawa lost power. The Hokuriku Electric Power Company reported the power outage. The aftershocks, including a 6.2 magnitude tremor, added to the challenges, with warnings of potential aftershocks continuing for the next few days to a week.

Prime Minister Kishida assured that efforts were underway to assess damages and prioritize human lives. Tsunami waves were reported along Japan's western coast, with varying heights in different areas. Additionally, a tsunami threat reached eastern Russian cities like Vladivostok, Nakhodka, and Sakhalin, prompting vigilance. The situation remains dynamic, with ongoing rescue operations, assessments of damage, and precautions against aftershocks and potential secondary hazards.

Source: CNN

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