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'K' reveals the salaries of N. Christodoulides and his ministers

Salary increases noted for this year

Cyprus has been waiting since Monday for the names of the new Cabinet and the rest of the group of state officials who will take office. As President-elect Christodoulides continues to scout for his ministers, K's sources are saying that the new Cabinet will be firmly in place during the upcoming week, closer to the day of the 'changing of the guard' at the Presidential Palace.

So, in light of the debate over the naming of cabinet members, we reveal the salaries of the new President and his ministers.

According to figures released by the General Accounting Office of the Republic, the President of the Republic's net annual salary after income tax is €98,191. After income tax, the net monthly salary is €7,663.

The Ministers' and Government Spokesman's net annual salary after tax is €66,339, and their net monthly salary after tax is €5,163.

It is important to note that the salary remuneration for these public servants has increased since 2020, when the net annual salary of the President of the Republic after income tax was €91,683, with the monthly salary being €7,102.  Moreover, the Ministers' net annual salary after tax was €62,426 and their monthly salary was €4,823.

See HERE for details of the salaries of State Officials.



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