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Laborer crushed to death in tractor accident

Operator of cabinless tractor dies after back maneuver goes horribly wrong in rural Limassol


A local man was killed in a tractor accident on Wednesday in rural Limassol, when a back maneuver to spread dirt ended up crushing him to death.

Local media said a 58-year-old laborer who was working on a house project in Lania village, Limassol district, died following an accident with his tractor.

According to Philenews, the man had gone in the morning to the residence of a friend near the church of the community, where he was using his tractor to remove dirt that he would throw at another location.

After taking a load, the man went to the other site where he put his cabinless tractor in reverse in order to maneuver backwards so that he could empty the front-end loader.

During the back maneuver, the tractor rolled over and crushed the operator to death, reports said.

Local media said the body was not discovered until three hours later, when another laborer went to search for the tractor operator after phone calles went unanswered.

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