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Trees chopped down on Makariou, new ones to be planted

The revamp of Nicosia's central Makariou Avenue will see 65 old trees chopped down, with the Municipality assuring that 300 new mature trees will be planted


The Nicosia Municipality chopped down 65 trees on Nicosia’s central Makariou Avenue, currently undergoing a revamp, with the Municipality claiming on Tuesday that 17 of those will be replanted while 300 new mature trees will be added.

The second phase of the Makariou Avenue revamp that began on Monday saw the removal of 23 trees, while 65 in total will be chopped after the necessary permission was received from the forestry department.

The first phase of the area’s revamp plan, which involved the streets Stasikratous, Zena Kanther, Theophani Theodotou, and a section of Mnasiadou street, saw 270 new mature trees planted.

The Municipality’s announcement said the new trees that will be planted will be over four meters tall and were selected on the basis of bioclimatic behaviour and the amount of shade offered. It added that the new design will see trees planted in places that don’t obstruct pedestrians, particularly the disabled.

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