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Police check two off the list in Orestis case

Signs of life from two potential victims, one still unaccounted for in alleged serial killer case


Two women who had online communication with Orestis have been located by police, while the whereabouts of another female remain unknown.

Police investigators, who were seeking information on three foreign females in connection with the serial killer case, reportedly confirmed the whereabouts of two of them.

According to local media, the three women were linked to social media accounts with which alleged serial killer Nikos Metaxas had online contact.

One women in Cyprus sent an image from her place to help police confirm her well-being while also protecting her privacy

One woman was said to be overseas while another was located in Cyprus, with reports saying she sent an image from her place to help police officers confirm her wellbeing while also protecting her privacy.

Police are still searching for the whereabouts of another female, with media sources saying it could be a matter of time until she is found.

A list of ten possible female victims who had online communication with Orestis was compiled earlier this month, while four of these women were expected to be called in to identify the suspect in a police lineup.

Investigators say they have no solid basis to believe the suspect committed more than seven murders, following his confession he reportedly gave to police.

Foreign experts who were consulted on the case told local police they believed Orestis may have targeted more victims.

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