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Gale force winds expected Wednesday morning

Rain, snow, and sleet expected in the mountains as temps drop

Source: Cyprus Met Service

Today, after the dissipation of low clouds and fog in the morning, mostly clear weather is expected, though locally, increasing clouds may occur. In the afternoon, however, the weather will become mainly cloudy, with isolated light rain possible in the west, south, and mountainous regions. Wind direction will initially be mainly from the south to southwest, with light to moderate intensity, locally becoming moderate (4 Beaufort), and gradually increasing to southwest to west with moderate to strong intensity (4 to 5 Beaufort), and occasionally up to very strong (5 to 6 Beaufort) on the southeastern coast. The sea will initially be slightly rough, and later become rough to very rough. Temperatures will rise to around 25 degrees Celsius inland, around 22 degrees Celsius in the southeast, east, and north coasts, around 20 degrees Celsius on the rest of the coast, and around 14 degrees Celsius in the higher mountains.

Tonight, the weather in the western half of the island will be mostly cloudy, with isolated light rain possible in some places. In the midnight and early morning hours, localized showers are expected gradually, initially from the west. Wind direction will be from southwest to west, with light to moderate intensity (3 to 4 Beaufort), and up to strong intensity (5 Beaufort) on the coast, locally becoming very strong (5 to 6 Beaufort). The sea will be slightly rough to choppy, but gradually become choppy on the west and northern coast. Temperatures will drop to around 10 degrees Celsius inland, around 13 degrees Celsius on the coast, and around 4 degrees Celsius in the higher mountains.

On Wednesday, the weather will be mostly cloudy at times, with localized showers initially, soon becoming isolated showers. Snow or sleet may fall on the higher Troodos peaks and locally in the higher mountains. Thursday will be partly cloudy, and Friday will be mainly clear.

Temperatures will drop significantly on Wednesday, and slightly further on Thursday, to well below average climatic values. On Friday, temperatures are expected to rise.

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