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State dough for families with three or more in tow

Government ups bonus for moms with many kids, large families also get one-time summer subsidy


Thousands of families receiving state benefits for having three or more children in the Republic of Cyprus are to expect an additional one-time wire transfer just in time for summer.

Social Welfare Deputy Minister Marilena Evangelou said on Thursday that the government was moving forward with a one-time summer subsidy for families that are already beneficiaries of state benefits due to have three or more children.

Evangelou wrote on Twitter that President Nikos Christodoulides was following his campaign program on increased needs in large families.

According to the minister, €210 will be wired to families with three children, amounting to €70 per child, while families with four or more children will receive €100 per child.

All subsidies will be sent out electronically to beneficiaries already registered with the government.

The total cost is expected to reach €3 million, with some €2 million going to 7349 families registered with 25,964 children.

A separate €50 increase is also going to mother who receive a bonus for having many children.

It is estimated that €800,000 will be dispersed to some 16,000 mothers who will receive on May 31 either €250, €300, or €450 depending on their income bracket based on the category filed the previous year.

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