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Teen burglar trapped on school roof

Fire fighters help teenager climb down school roof, then he gets handcuffed from breaking in


A teenage burglar who targeted a middle school in Paphos got stuck on the roof and ended up being rescued by fire fighters.

Police said the sound alarm went off at Agios Thedodors middle school in Paphos on Sunday afternoon, around 4pm, but nothing suspicious was found.

However, later around 8pm, the sound alarm went off a second time. Law enforcement officials and the school principal immediately rushed to the scene where they discovered that the main entrance door just outside the school administration partition had been breached.

Signs of a break in were also evident on the door of the janitor’s closet, where a bundle of keys was found to have been missing. A bunch of single keys were later found scattered throughout the school yard, while the screen door outside the canteen had also been removed. The computer lab was also a target according to Cyprus News Agency (CNA).

Cops were convinced that someone was still on the premises and kept looking for signs of any activity.

They then discovered that a teenage male, aged 16, had climbed onto the roof but was stuck there and could not come down.

Fire fighters helped the teen come down and he was detained. He was then taken to the police station where a warrant for his arrest was issued and he reportedly admitted to the break in.

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