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The most visited website in Cyprus, according to the internet's world map

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Source: Money Review

Most people are probably aware that Google is the most popular website on the planet. YouTube and Facebook are close behind. But what comes after that?

According to Hostinger data, the most visited website after these three internet behemoths is Wikipedia. In fact, it ranks first in 43 countries, including Cyprus, Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, France, Germany, India, Italy, Pakistan, Peru, Sweden, Uganda, and Ukraine.

Photo credit to Hostinger

Twitter is the second most popular site, ranking first in ten countries, the majority of which are in Africa and the Middle East.

Amazon is the most visited website in the United States (after the big three, of course).

However, according to Hostinger data, Skroutz is the most popular shopping site in Greece.

Photo credit to Hostinger

Wikipedia is the most visited website in 15 of the 38 countries in Europe. In the Balkans, news websites are the most popular (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Croatia), while the BBC holds the scepter in the United Kingdom. In fact, the BBC's news website is the most popular, ranking first in 12 countries. is the most popular website in Russia.

In any case, humans spend 213.2 billion hours per year on Google, 142.6 billion hours on YouTube, and 44.6 billion hours on Facebook, with these three sites outpacing almost all other sites in terms of usage.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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