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Turkish FM Cavusoglu insists on two state solution for Cyprus

Restarting the talks from where they left off at Crans Montana seems now unlikely

Over the past few days and in spite of a feverish round of meetings at the UN by the Cypriot delegation as well as the positive climate that emerged from them, diplomatic sources now report that we should not get our hopes up over the results of meetings in New York.

Restarting the talks from where they left off at Crans Montana seems now unlikely.

Diplomatic sources have confirmed to Kathimerini that the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkey maintain a divisive attitude to the critical issues of the Cyprus problem, in particular the external aspect.

Sources say that the primary concern of the Turkish side's contacts in New York is to pass on the message that the time has come to consider a different solution model: two states in Cyprus. According to the same information, proponent of this approach is Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

Although posturing certainly is part of diplomatic bargaining this time around the rhetoric has shifted from taunts to arguments about the rational justification of a two state solution.

Turkey has proposed a two state solution in the past as a way to "solve" the issue of guarantees, which is a known red line for the Greek Cypriot side.

Reportedly the Turkish side expressed the view that a two state solution is a framework that the Greek Cypriot population also prefers and that they are willing to discuss it as such.

This approach was straight out rejected by Cypriot diplomats without commenting further.

President Anastasiades will address the UN General Assembly today and will meet tomorrow with Secretary General Antonio Guterres to finally establish what would be the next steps.

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