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UN court slams Israel: Ordered to halt genocide in Gaza

UN court orders Israel to prevent genocide against Palestinians


In a landmark ruling, the United Nations' international court of justice has directed Israel to take immediate action to prevent acts of genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

According to a report on The Guardian, president of the court, Joan Donoghue, emphasized that Israel must deploy all possible measures within its authority to ensure its forces refrain from actions falling within the scope of the genocide convention.

Issued on Friday, the interim judgment refrains from mandating an immediate ceasefire, despite South Africa's plea, underscoring the devastation wrought by the conflict. According to Gaza health authorities, the war has resulted in the deaths of over 25,000 Palestinians and extensive destruction across the Gaza Strip.

While the ruling does not conclusively label Israel's actions as genocide, it signals a credible risk under the genocide convention. The court's decision to grant South Africa's application for special measures underscores the urgency of preventative action, leaving the determination of genocide for future deliberation.

Donoghue outlined specific directives, insisting that Israel must prevent the killing, bodily harm, and infliction of conditions conducive to the destruction of the Palestinian population. Moreover, Israel is urged to counteract public incitement to commit genocide and facilitate the provision of essential services and humanitarian aid to alleviate the dire conditions faced by Palestinians.

The court further stipulated that Israel must preserve evidence of alleged genocide and furnish a report within a month. Despite the absence of a ceasefire mandate, the judgment amplifies calls for humanitarian assistance to Gaza's displaced population, grappling with acute shortages of basic necessities amidst the ongoing conflict.

The response from Israel remains uncertain, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowing to pursue military operations until achieving "total victory." The judgment intensifies pressure on Israel's allies, including the US and the UK, to address the humanitarian crisis with greater urgency.

Notably, Israel's decision to mount a robust legal defense underscores the gravity of the case. While Israel contends its actions aim to minimize civilian casualties, the court expresses deep concern for hostages abducted from Israel and calls for their immediate release.

The 1948 genocide convention, forged in the aftermath of the Holocaust, defines genocide as acts aimed at the destruction of a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group. The court's ruling coincides with reports of potential diplomatic efforts to secure a ceasefire and hostage release in Gaza.

The International Court of Justice's pivotal decision underscores the gravity of the situation in Gaza and calls for concerted international action to address the unfolding humanitarian crisis.

[With information sourced from The Guardian]

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