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121. May to ask Merkel and Macron for Brexit delay

The British Parliament passed a law designed to prevent the government from pursing a no-deal Brexit late Monday, while Theresa May heads to Berlin and Paris Tuesday as part of her efforts to win a short delay to Britain’s departure from the European Union...

122. May asks EU for Brexit extension to June 30

British Prime Minister Theresa May wrote to European Council President Donald Tusk on Friday asking for a delay of Brexit until up to June 30, but said she still hopes to get Britain out of the EU earlier to avoid it participating in European elections...

123. Change UK: Britain to get a new political party

124. ''I’m past caring, it’s like the living dead in here''

125. 'Spectacular display of indecision' as referendum gets most votes

126. British judge rules on Styllou's conviction

The grandson of Greek Cypriot Styllou Pantopiou Christofi, who was convicted for murder and executed in the UK, is on a mission to exonerate his grandmother citing a wrongful conviction and putting the trial through the safety test...

127. UK PM May expected to indicate a date for quitting

128. European Parliament report accuses seven countries, including Cyprus, of acting as tax havens

The European Parliament urged EU member states on Tuesday to curb money-laundering in the bloc by ending programs to sell visas and passports, a step the multi-billion-dollar industry said would cause economic damage....

129. Brexit delayed: British PM May requests three month extension

130. For a strong Europe

131. Interview with German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen

132. Turkey expects delivery of F-35s in November

133. UK Parliament rejects second referendum

134. Brexit set for delay after Parliament deadlock

135. Cyprus prepares for hard Brexit

136. Britain stretches out journey to unknown destination

137. No deal Brexit or short delay? May offers MPs a choice

138. Parsimonious northerners are the euro's biggest winners, study shows

Germany and the Netherlands have benefited enormously from the euro over the 20 years since its launch, a study has found, while for almost every other member the single currency has been a serious drag on economic growth....

139. ICJ delivers advisory opinion on Mauritius case

140. Brexit defections reveal frayed fabric of UK politics

141. Aristotle shows us the path Jeffrey Sachs says at Hubert Curien lecture in Nicosia

142. Cyprus scrambles to salvage halloumi case

Officials in the Republic of Cyprus are scrambling to push forward on the halloumi case, with sources saying the PDO application has become more political than ever...

143. Seven lawmakers quit UK Labour Party citing Brexit and anti-Semitism

144. Major European nations recognise Guaido as Venezuela's president

145. Factbox: Brexit - What happens next?

146. Queen sends Brexit message to bickering politicians

147. EOKA veterans settle out of court

The British government and the EOKA fighters, who were seeking damages related to torture claims back in the 1950’s, have reached a settlement out of court...

148. Labour leader Corbyn curves towards new Brexit referendum

149. 'We will miss you' - Germany pleads with the British to stay in EU

150. Britain at crossroads as parliament rejects Brexit deal