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Philippine President criticized over use of presidential helicopter to attend Coldplay concert

Public outcry over alleged misuse of government resources sparks debate on traffic management


Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. faced backlash on social media after utilizing a presidential helicopter to attend a Coldplay concert in a province north of Manila last week.  The Presidential Security Group justified the move, citing unforeseen traffic complications along the route to the Philippine Arena, the world's largest indoor arena, where the concert drew 40,000 attendees.

Critics on social media condemned the use of taxpayer money for personal activities, labeling it an abuse of power. The incident sparked discussions on traffic management and misuse of government resources in the Philippines.

As the public vented its frustration on social media, the incident stirred memories of Ferdinand Marcos Sr.'s rule, known for extravagance and allegations of plundering billions of dollars.

Columnist Ana Marie Pamintuan wrote, 'For the older generations, it revived memories of Ferdinand Senior, and his wife  Imelda, who ruled the Philippines for two decades, with the family becoming known for their extravagance and accused of plundering billions of dollars.'

The Philippine Star columnist also called on the President, who she said 'describes himself as a polo-playing friend of Britain’s King Charles III' to 'buy his own helicopter and aviation fuel.'

Columnists and citizens alike are calling for accountability and urging the president to purchase his own helicopter and aviation fuel, distancing himself from the misuse of government resources.

[Source: Daily Mail]


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