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Deputy Minister vows swift action to combat homelessness

Immediate shelter provision and social support key priorities


In response to the tragic incident of a homeless woman found dead in an abandoned house in the Neapolis area of Limassol, Cyprus, Deputy Minister of Welfare and Social Insurance, Marilena Evangellou, emphasized the urgent need to address homelessness by providing immediate shelter.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with the Cyprus Confederation of Disabled Persons' Organisations (CYSOA), Ms. Evangellou expressed condolences for the deceased woman and highlighted the complexities surrounding personal data issues that prevented her from divulging specific details. She urged respect for the deceased's privacy concerning family matters.

The Deputy Minister revealed that the Social Welfare Services were aware of the case, as the woman had previously sought accommodation and had been provided shelter on multiple occasions. Despite efforts to assist her, she had chosen to stay in the abandoned property where she was discovered.

Emphasizing the commitment of Social Welfare Services and the Deputy Ministry, Ms. Evangellou underscored the immediate actions taken when information surfaces. The objective is to prevent homelessness in Cyprus, and the public was encouraged to report any information about individuals without shelter to either the Social Welfare Services or the Police.

Ms. Evangellou outlined the comprehensive approach, stating that the primary focus is on swift shelter provision upon identifying homeless individuals. Following that, social support will be extended in collaboration with Mental Health Services and other relevant state support services. The ultimate goal is to eliminate homelessness in the country through proactive and coordinated efforts.

[Information sourced from CNA]


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