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Police intensify probes into illicit sports-related activities

Swift action plan to tackle crime and violence in sports arenas


In response to a meeting at the Ministry of Justice and Public Order, the police announced immediate measures to prevent and tackle organized crime and violence in sports arenas. These include boosting frontline officers, enhancing patrols, and intensifying financial investigations related to illegal activities.

In a recent announcement following a meeting at the Ministry of Justice and Public Order on January 17, 2024, the police revealed comprehensive measures to prevent and combat organized crime and violence in sports arenas. These measures, set to be implemented promptly, address various aspects of law enforcement.

The plan involves an increase in the number of police officers working on the frontline to bolster the first line of defense against criminal activities. Law enforcement will reinforce patrols in cities and suburbs, including both pedestrian and motorized units, along with static controls to ensure public safety.

Additional resources and support will be allocated to the Intelligence and Information Analysis Division of the police, enhancing its capabilities in gathering and analyzing relevant data. Furthermore, financial investigations aimed at locating and seizing proceeds from illegal activities will be intensified.

It is clarified that additional undisclosed measures have been taken for security reasons and to ensure the operational effectiveness of the police.

Regarding sports-related violence, law enforcement will intensify match policing and conduct thorough checks on all attendees entering sports venues. Specific match times for fan arrivals may be determined by the police in certain cases. The functioning of Fan Clubs nationwide will be examined, and closure orders will be issued where necessary. In cases where concerns arise about the safe conduct of matches, the police will apply existing legislation and recommend the non-conduction or interruption of events.

Additionally, on January 17, 2024, the Ministry of Justice and Public Order submitted legislative amendments to the House of Representatives. The proposed changes include the installation of closed-circuit monitoring in sports venues, empowering the police to conduct alcohol and drug tests on fans, increasing the exclusion period from sports venues, and reinforcing fan card checks with police involvement.

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