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Netanyahu rejects Hamas ceasefire, stresses security concerns

Protests erupt as families demand release of hostages in Israel


Saudi Arabia's foreign minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan, emphasized in a recent CNN interview that the kingdom won't normalize relations with Israel or contribute to Gaza's reconstruction without a credible pathway to a Palestinian state.

According to a report on Euronews, the remarks underscore a direct stance from Saudi officials, posing a challenge to the U.S. and its Arab allies in the ongoing dispute over Gaza's future.

Meanwhile, tensions rise in Israel as family members of hostages held by Hamas interrupt a parliamentary meeting, demanding action for their loved ones. Protests intensify, with a tent set up in Jerusalem, emphasizing the urgency for the government to secure the release of hostages.

On the international front, European Union (EU) foreign ministers engage in separate meetings with Israeli and Palestinian counterparts to discuss prospects for peace in the Gaza conflict.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a video statement, rejects Hamas demands for a ceasefire and rules out withdrawing forces from Gaza, raising concerns about potential future attacks.

In a related move, Israel carries out strikes on Hezbollah's military infrastructure in southern Lebanon, signaling a determination to bring citizens back to border communities evacuated under Hezbollah fire.

The situation escalates as Israel may no longer tolerate an armed Hezbollah presence, threatening military force if the group doesn't respect a 2006 UN ceasefire.

The complex dynamics surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continue to shape diplomatic efforts and regional stability.

[With information sourced from Euronews]

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