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Commissioner Zannetou reveals details on alcohol test incident

Family dinner or official duty? Commissioner responds to testing allegations


In a comprehensive statement released on Monday, Commissioner Louiza Christodoulidou Zannetou offered detailed insights into the recent controversy stemming from an alcohol test conducted on an official on January 11, 2024.

Zannetou, aiming for transparency, underscored significant disparities between the narratives circulating on social media and in the press and the actual course of events. The Commissioner was unequivocal in asserting her presence at a family dinner, accompanied by her daughter, throughout the entire duration of police checks. She emphasized that she diligently adhered to law enforcement instructions during the process.

Expressing regret for the unfolding incident, Commissioner Zannetou affirmed her commitment to addressing the matter in strict accordance with existing legislation. She took a moment to assert her fundamental right to the presumption of innocence, akin to any other citizen.

Acknowledging the sensitivity of the issue, Zannetou conveyed her decision to refrain from making additional statements until the case undergoes a comprehensive legal examination and reaches a resolution. This cautious approach reflects her commitment to a fair and thorough investigation.

Furthermore, Zannetou expressed her understanding of the public concern surrounding the incident and assured the public that she would fully cooperate with the legal proceedings. The Commissioner concluded her statement by reiterating her dedication to upholding the principles of justice and respecting due process throughout the course of the investigation.

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