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UK Navy aid ship for Gaza redirected to Malta over security concerns

RFA Lyme Bay, loaded with humanitarian supplies, alters course from Cyprus amid unresolved security issues; discussions ongoing with Israel, UK, US, and EU.

Source: CNA

The British Navy ship that sailed recently from Cyprus carrying humanitarian aid for Palestinian civilians, changed its course, ending up in Malta, as the issue of security was not ensured, competent sources have told CNA.

They noted that the ship, which sailed earlier this month from a Cypriot port, changed its itinerary since the issue of security was not ensured.

According to other information CNA has obtained, the ship arrived in Malta a few days ago.

It is recalled that UK Foreign Office officials had confirmed last week in statements in London that the UK Royal Navy auxiliary landing ship, RFA Lyme Bay, which had been loaded with humanitarian aid for Gaza, was off Cyprus, awaiting final approval for delivery.

During a debate in the House of Commons, Foreign Minister Andrew Mitchell asked about aid to Palestinian civilians, had said that the RFA Lyme Bay was loaded with supplies in Cyprus, and was ready to sail once assurances were given that the support could be received and delivered.

On the same matter, Cyprus' President, Nikos Christodoulides, when asked last week by journalists if there were any developments on the ship carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, said that final approval from Israel was pending. Asked if a decision had been made on where the British ship would sail to, the President said that this was one of the issues being discussed with the Israeli Government along with Britain, the US and the EU.

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