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BBC presenter's on-air blunder sparks social media frenzy

Maryam Moshiri's unintentional gesture creates viral moment during live midday news


In an unexpected turn of events during Wednesday's midday news, BBC presenter Maryam Moshiri unintentionally garnered attention when she appeared to give the middle finger live on air.

According to a report by, the incident occurred as the broadcast began, with Moshiri seemingly unaware that the camera was rolling. Quickly recovering, she continued with the report, saying, "Live from BBC London, this is BBC News," as if unaffected by the momentary blunder.

Social media erupted with laughter as the video circulated, turning the incident into an instant meme. While some found humor in the situation, others criticized the presenter for what they deemed a "silly and unprofessional thing to do."

[Information sourced from BBC and Metro.UK]

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