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President faces calls to repay thousands of euros after AG audit

Auditor General report highlights financial irregularities and benefits, puts Christodoulides in hot water


In a new report, Cyprus Auditor General Odysseus Michaelides has intensified the conflict with President Nicos Christodoulides. The report scrutinizes the President's remuneration and benefits during his role as Advisor or Consul General A' at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from April 14, 2014, to February 28, 2018. The findings, prompted by an anonymous complaint, reveal financial discrepancies, prompting the Audit Office to request the repayment of thousands of euros.

Key points from the report:

1. President Christodoulides received additional gross amounts on top of his regular salary during the specified period, raising questions about the legitimacy of the payments.

2. The report questions the foreign maintenance allowance of €41,024 received by Christodoulides for official travel abroad, pointing to discrepancies in the calculation and disbursement.

3. The President's use of a car for exclusive purposes during the examined period is considered irregular, as the relevant legislation did not permit such benefits for his position.

4. An amount of €18,176, paid to Christodoulides as the equivalent of 75 days' rest leave upon retirement, is flagged as irregular due to non-compliance with leave approval procedures.

5. The report highlights legal and procedural violations in the decision-making process regarding special allowances and salaries, emphasizing the need for adherence to established criteria.

The Auditor General's findings pose a significant challenge to President Christodoulides, as the report calls for the reimbursement of funds and underscores the importance of upholding legal and procedural standards in financial matters. The ongoing clash between the President and the Auditor General could further escalate as the controversy unfolds.

[Information sourced from 24SNews]


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