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Audit service alleges illegal use and abuse of power in transporting president's children

President Christodoulides invokes the safety of his children


After intense controversy surrounding the draft announcement on the allowances and benefits of the President, the Presidential Palace is once again under scrutiny by the Audit Service. In a special report on the Police released on Thursday (30/11), the General Auditor deems the transportation of President Christodoulides' children with an official vehicle as illegal and constitutes an abuse of power.

Regarding this matter, President Christodoulides invokes the safety of his children.

According to the Audit Service report, in the section on official vehicles, "in violation of current legislation (Law 504/2014), official vehicles are used for the transportation of the President's children. It is clear to our Service that whatever safety reasons are presented cannot result in private individuals being transported at the state's expense. We indicated that, in our opinion, the transportation of the President's children with an official car is illegal and constitutes an abuse of power."

In relation to the rupture between the Audit Service and the Presidency, reports from ALITHIA claim that the Audit Service is asking the President to return the benefits he received during the period 2014-2018. The President did not hide his displeasure, noting that it is not customary for the Presidency to be informed through leaks to the press about such matters, characterizing the whole incident as inappropriate. On his part, Odysseas Michaelides responded, among other things, with a post on "X," stating, "Shamed and ashamed."

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