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London's Imperial College aids in wildfire management

Sharing expertise in fire management for a safer Cyprus


Cyprus is benefiting from the expertise of one of the world's leading scientific teams specializing in fire management. Professor Guillermo Rein's team from Imperial College London is currently in Cyprus to share their invaluable knowledge and research on a critical issue for the island: wildfires.

This collaborative effort is made possible through Imperial College's partnership with the science center CERIDES at the European University Cyprus, as part of the European Union-funded SEMEDFIRE (South Eastern Mediterranean Excellence Development In Fire Research) project. Notably, this marks the first Twinning project awarded to the European University Cyprus, further solidifying its status as a prominent research institution in the South Eastern Mediterranean region and beyond.

The three-year SEMEDFIRE - Twining project unites renowned global experts in fire management. It is this expertise that has brought the Imperial College team, led by Professor Rein, to Cyprus. Their mission is to share the latest research findings regarding the spread of agroforestry fires and the most effective strategies for addressing them. This valuable information will be disseminated through a specialized seminar held at the EMAK offices in Kofinou. The seminar aims to benefit all key stakeholders involved in fire management, including the Fire Service, the Forestry Department, the Civil Defence, and the Office of the Environment Commissioner, who have joined forces to execute this project.

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