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23 July, 2024
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Steady sunshine and patches of fog

Balmy evenings and coastal comfort


In the realm of weather, a gentle yet noticeable influence is gracing our area as weak high pressure takes hold. While the skies may present themselves with a predominantly clear demeanor today, a few localized clouds might just drop by for a brief chat.

As for the winds, they'll kick off their performance with a bit of whimsy, blowing in from various directions at a gentle 3 Beaufort, only to gradually settle into a more predictable southwest to northwest pattern, maintaining a light to moderate pace of 3 to 4 Beaufort.

For those contemplating a venture out to sea, you can expect it to be slightly rough, so hold onto your hats. In terms of temperatures, they'll be on the rise, reaching approximately 29 degrees in the interior, as well as along the south and east coasts.

Meanwhile, the rest of the coast will bask in around 27 degrees of warmth, and for those atop the higher mountains, the thermometer will rest contentedly at 22 degrees.

As the day transitions into evening, the skies will maintain their predominantly clear disposition. However, be prepared for the arrival of low clouds and sporadic patches of fog in certain locales.

The winds will adopt a more settled demeanor, blowing in from the northwest to the northeast, and for those dwelling along the northern coast, expect a hint of a southeast breeze. These winds will maintain their gentle 3 Beaufort status. At sea, you can anticipate a calm to slightly rough environment.

As the temperatures gracefully retreat, the interior regions will cool down to around 15 degrees, while coastal areas will remain milder at about 17 degrees. For those atop the lofty mountains, prepare for a chilly 12 degrees.

Looking ahead to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the weather appears to follow a similar pattern. Expect mainly clear skies with occasional patches of clouds. It's worth noting that temperatures will persist at levels that flirt with being above climatic averages.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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