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World's elite swimmers conquer Oceanman marathon in Ayia Napa

Over 300 athletes from 34 countries make a splash in Oceanman Marathon

Newsroom / CNA

More than 300 athletes from 34 countries participated in the international Oceanman swimming marathon, which was completed at Ayia Napa Marina on Sunday 5 November.

A press release says that the open water swimming race, which started on Friday, November 3, was conducted safely and professionally and during the marathon five routes were held, namely Oceanman (10 km), Half Oceanman (5 km), Sprint (2 km), Oceankids (500 m) and Oceanteams (3 x 500 m).

Sotiris Mavros, on behalf of the organizers said that "we are very satisfied with the success of Oceanman race at Ayia Napa Marina”.

He added that Cyprus is an excellent destination for open-water swimmers and Ayia Napa Marina provides the ideal infrastructure and conditions for athletes. He also mentioned that the staff was very welcoming, helpful and highly professional. “We want to thank everyone who contributed to the success of this year’s race”, he concluded.

“We are very happy to have hosted the international open-water swimming race Oceanman. The event was a success and is an important promotion, not just for the Free Famagusta area – especially because it is characterized by seasonality – but also for the island’s entire tourism industry. We want to thank all event participants, spectators, and sponsors for their contribution”, said Stavros Caramondanis, CEO of Ayia Napa Marina.

It is noted that the first Oceanman race took place in 2015 and was designed by swimmers who wished to showcase the exciting world of open-water swimming to other swimmers. It is considered one of the most popular swimming events in the world, taking place annually in 20 countries on five continents, the announcement concludes.

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