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Deportation process in motion for 'Pournara' riot participants

Authorities targeting 30 individuals for immediate deportation

Newsroom / CNA

Authorities intend to immediately initiate procedures for deportation for those proven to be involved in yesterday's riots at "Pournara" First Reception Centre in Kokkinotrimithia, as Deputy Government Spokesman Yiannis Antoniou said on Tuesday.

Speaking to CNA, Antoniou said that the Police continues investigations and that according to the information available so far, about 30 people of African origin are involved in the incident.

"The events are being examined and procedures for deportation will be launched against those who violated the legislation of the Republic of Cyprus" he stressed.

Deputy Spokesman also clarified that people of Syrian origin were not involved in the clashes.

Moreover, according to information from the Ministry of the Interior, Minister Constantinos Ioannou has given instructions to the Asylum Service for additional asylum officers who will be moved from the headquarters to "Pournara" in order to immediately examine asylum applications of people who took part in riots.

Their instructions are to examine applications until the end of the day so that all people involved in the fighting can be arrested and deported, it is noted.

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