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Mavromichalis' shooter used different gun, investigation deepens

Military-style gun raises questions in Alexoui's assassination


A shocking assassination that unfolded in the heart of Cyprus's capital, Nicosia, has sent shockwaves through the community. Alexis Mavromichalis, a 45-year-old resident, was fatally shot in his Acropolis apartment on the night of the last third, as reported by Philenews. The investigation into this heinous crime is currently underway.

In a significant development, ballistics experts have confirmed that the firearm used in this execution does not match the stolen G3 rifles belonging to the national guard. This revelation has opened new avenues of inquiry for law enforcement. The shot that took Mavromichalis's life was fired from a distance of approximately 50 meters, while he stood on the balcony of his apartment, hitting him in the abdomen.

The ballistics examination of the shell casing left at the crime scene has offered vital insights. It is of a military-specific type with a 7.62mm caliber, but intriguingly, the bullet was longer than standard military rifle ammunition. While this evidence alone does not directly point to the perpetrator, investigators are thoroughly scrutinizing it in their search for clues.

The focus has now shifted to scientific tests on the shell casing, with the anticipation that it may reveal genetic material or fingerprints that could help identify the assailant. Furthermore, investigators are examining surveillance footage from a wider area, as a closed-circuit camera near the crime scene recorded the getaway vehicle used by the shooter. Regrettably, the footage is of poor quality, and the driver's identity remains a mystery.

Adding to the complexity of the case, a vehicle suspected of being used by the perpetrator was found ablaze in an open area near the Nicosia-Limassol highway, close to the Kotsiati exit. This discovery has been closely tied to the murder and is under intense investigation.

The lack of a clear direction in the Nicosia TAE's investigation has prompted various efforts to uncover leads from the evidence at hand. In addition to the getaway vehicle and the shell casing, investigators have obtained telecommunications data from Mavromichalis's phones. This data is being analyzed to determine if he had received any threats or engaged in conversations that could offer insights into the case.

Persons associated with Mavromichalis have been questioned by the Nicosia TAE in an attempt to gather any potential information related to the murder plot. Thus far, these individuals have not provided significant leads.

According to the Philenews report, police spokesman Christi Andreou has highlighted the ongoing intensity of the investigation, with dedicated investigative teams working tirelessly to obtain testimonies that might help identify those involved. As for the question of whether this case is related to other incidents, Andreou has stated that, based on the current data, there doesn't appear to be a connection. However, he emphasized the need to complete the investigation before reaching any definitive conclusions.

The community in Nicosia remains on edge as the investigation into this shocking crime continues to unfold. Authorities are resolute in their pursuit of justice, leaving no stone unturned in their quest to identify and apprehend the assailant responsible for Alexis Mavromichalis's tragic death.

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