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Police Chief inspects Alexoui murder scene

Examining the site of a high-profile homicide that occurred last night in the Acropolis area of Nicosia


Police Chief Stelios Papatheodorou visited the location where the mafia execution of Alexis Mavromichalis, also known as "Alexoi," occurred last night.

In a formal statement, Papatheodorou expressed profound concern, remarking, "It is deeply unsettling that we are confronted with a second homicide in the span of 48 hours." The Chief confirmed his visit to the crime scene the previous night and announced an upcoming meeting at the Nicosia CID, where investigators from Limassol will participate to probe potential connections between the murders of Alexis Mavromichalis and Thanasis Kalogeropoulos.

When questioned about the possibility of further violent incidents, Stelios Papatheodorou responded, "We currently have no information indicating the likelihood of additional violence. Our patrols are active, and our primary focus is on resolving these two cases."

Additionally, the Force Commander noted the discovery of a spent shell casing in the vicinity.

Regarding any prior knowledge about Mavromichalis's murder, the Chief disclosed, "The individual in question was previously known to the police, and there had been prior information and precautions taken to ensure his safety. However, there has been a lack of recent information."

The timeline of the murder:

The murder of Mavromichalis transpired around 9:00 PM on Tuesday (31/10) while he was inside his residence, specifically on the balcony of his apartment on Verenikis Street in Acropolis.

Indications suggest that the assailant, a sniper, was concealed on the rooftop of an apartment building across the street and inflicted a gunshot wound to his abdomen.

The crime scene was secured by extensive police presence, diligently searching for evidentiary clues. Despite medical efforts, Mavromichalis succumbed to his injuries around 12:20 AM after being transported to Nicosia General Hospital.

Connection to the Murder in Limassol:

Law enforcement authorities suspect that the execution of Mavromichalis is indirectly tied to the murder of Thanasis Kalogeropoulos, who was fatally shot on Monday morning (30/10) in Limassol.

Reports indicate that authorities are closing in on the theory that both mafia hits were orchestrated by ruthless, foreign hitmen from different factions, evident in the contrasting circumstances of the two murders.

Both victims were known to have had amicable relations with each other, and authorities believe it was not a case of retaliation. Focus has now shifted to foreign mafia elements seeking to establish a presence in the country.

Brazen Acts Amid Heightened Security:

These criminal acts transpired during a period of intensified foreign intelligence activity and surveillance in Cyprus, partly due to regional conflict in the Middle East. The audacity of the perpetrators, despite heightened security measures at airports and checkpoints, underscores the audacity of these actions.

Nevertheless, concerns of further bloodshed persist, including the possibility of reprisals or an extension of the ongoing "clean-up." Authorities are discreetly discussing the potential for a new cycle of violence. These gangland killings have rattled the leadership of the Police and the Ministry of Justice, coinciding with a period where internal security is deemed a paramount concern for the government in the backdrop of regional tensions.

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