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Tragic turn for 'Alexoui' as mafia claims second life

Law enforcement on high alert following murder of Alexis Mavromichalis


In a disturbing turn of events, Law Enforcement Authorities are on high alert following a recent deadly attack on Alexis Mavromichalis, known as "Alexoui." The tragic incident unfolded on Tuesday night, October 31st. The murder took place at approximately 9:00 PM when Mavromichalis was in his residence, specifically on the balcony of his apartment on Verenikis Street in Acropolis.

Initial reports suggest that the assailant, possibly a sniper, was concealed on the roof of an adjacent apartment building and fired a shot that struck Mavromichalis in the abdomen. Unconfirmed information indicates that the gunshot led to a fatal cardiac arrest for the victim.

The crime scene has been cordoned off by a significant police presence as they diligently collect evidence. Despite the dedicated efforts of medical professionals, Mavromichalis tragically succumbed to his injuries around 1:00 AM.

The Connection with the Limassol Murder

Preliminary assessments by the Police Authorities suggest a possible indirect link between the execution of Mavromichalis and the murder of Thanasis Kalogeropoulos, who was fatally shot on Monday morning, October 30th, in Limassol.

Reports indicate that law enforcement is pursuing the theory that both killings might be the work of ruthless hitmen from external criminal factions, aiming to demonstrate their power.

Notably, the modus operandi in both cases is strikingly different, with Kalogeropoulos being killed in a public area in Limassol, while Mavromichalis was targeted in his own home.

The two victims were believed to have a cordial relationship, making retaliation an unlikely motive. Attention is now focused on potential foreign mafia elements seeking to establish a presence in the country.

Challenges for Intelligence Agencies

These criminal acts occur amid heightened foreign agency activity and surveillance in Cyprus, a consequence of the ongoing conflict in Israel.

The audacity of the perpetrators is evident, given the increased security measures at airports and checkpoints in case they attempt to flee the island.

However, the fear of further violence looms, as the possibility of reprisals or a continuation of these targeted acts remains a concern. Authorities are informally discussing the potential for an ongoing cycle of violence.

The Impact on Internal Security

The recent gangland killing has created turmoil within the leadership of the Police and the Ministry of Justice, particularly at a time when the government had prioritized internal security due to the Middle East conflict.

A Closer Look at Alexis Mavromichalis

Alexoui, known in police circles, had a history entangled with criminal activities and drug-related cases. He was also involved in the nightlife scene in Nicosia.

Mavromichalis' name was notably linked to the attempted murder of Panagiotis Panagiotou, aka "Glykas," which occurred on November 20, 2017. However, following a decision by the Nicosia Court of Cassation, he was acquitted of those charges.

This shocking incident has left the community and authorities deeply concerned about the implications for public safety and the potential involvement of external criminal elements in Cyprus.

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