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1. ENT doctors slapped with new charges

A second case of corruption involving ENT doctors is taking place, following new evidence that came forth during a recent trial...

2. Raid of CMA offices sparks debate

A raid by the Commission for the Protection of Competition was carried out on the building premises of the Cyprus Medical Association, stirring fierce debate with the newly-launched healthcare system in the backdrop...

3. Anastasiadescare

4. Makarios doctor refutes reports over little girl

A doctor at Makarios Children’s Hospital is refuting reports that a little girl was denied treatment, following an incident that sparked debate over non-network doctors referring their patients to state hospitals...

5. Girl with fever incident sparks debate

A recent incident where a young girl running a fever was turned away at the hospital has sparked debate among doctors and the Health Insurance Organization, with an easy solution nowhere in sight...

6. Young fever patient turned away twice

A little girl who was running a fever was turned away at two state hospitals in Nicosia, with reports saying medics refused to refer or treat the young patient because she was not registered in the newly-launched Cyprus General Healthcare System known as GESY...

7. 527000 register with the GHS

8. Cyprus Tax Webcast May 2019

9. Foreigners left out of GESY registration

Thousands of foreign nationals are unable to enroll in the General Healthcare System known as GESY set to be launched on Saturday, with reports pointing fingers at incompatible databases...

10. More than 1000 pharmaceuticals on GHS list

11. Game of Thrones divisive ending leaves fans sad, mad

12. Registration for General Healthcare System begins

13. Pharmacists opt in

A vote by the Cyprus Pharmaceutical Association on Wednesday gave the final nod for private pharmacists to join GESY, the biggest healthcare overhaul in Cyprus...

14. Limassol pediatricians reject GHS terms

15. Greek Medical Association says no to Greek doctor's participation in GHS

16. GESY doctor enrollment goes live

The registration period for medical doctors wishing to join the GESY national network of physicians began on Monday, amid controversy and hesitation expressed by the Cyprus Medical Association...

17. Cyprus Medical Association rejects the General Healthcare System

18. Private medical practice at stake as GHS talks continue

19. President reminds doctors of Hippocratic Oath

The president is calling on private doctors who exaggerate on their demands to “come down to earth” and join health reform, as public good should come ahead of private wealth...

20. Hellenic Bank’s Economic Review

21. Cabinet approves patient choice of doctor

The Cabinet has approved the regulations pertaining to choosing primary doctors under the looming healthcare plan in Cyprus...

22. British High Commissioner hosts reception to mark 70 years of NHS

23. Watch video of Trump clashing with CNN's Jim Acosta

24. In setback for Trump Democrats seize US House control

25. Opinion: Cyprus heaven bashing must end

26. Reality in the face of wicked politics

27. Health tourism professionals cry foul over election of Turkish Cypriot official

The Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board is reportedly disturbed by the appointment of a Turkish Cypriot health official on the Global Healthcare Travel Council, following questions by Edek party MP Kostis Efstathiou...

28. Cypriot drug companies accused of price gouging

A patients advocate group is accusing pharmaceutical agents of jacking up prices of non-prescription medication to cover their losses following mandatory price drops in certain prescribed medicines...

29. State sides with hospital refusing to transport obese patient

The Health Ministry addressed reports that medics refused to transport an obese patient, clarifying that the incident took place due to lack of bariatric ambulances in public hospitals...

30. Lost case file against doctor points to cover up

An internal probe of a senior doctor at one of the state’s public hospitals has been on the back burner for over a year, with reports suggesting a cover up...