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15 July, 2020


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1. Cabinet approves bills to decongest Central Prisons amid COVID-19 fears

Measures to decompress the overcrowded Nicosia central prisons where the risks associated with a potential spread of coronavirus are high were approved on Tuesday by the Cabinet....

2. Bidding for Nicosia bypass begins

The government has issued a public highway tender for the first phase of the long-awaited Nicosia bypass, which is expected to significantly reduce traffic jams in the capital...

3. Nicosia bypass closer to the start line

The long-awaited Nicosia bypass on the perimeter of the capital is a step closer to the start line, with reports saying a tender could be announced as early as next week...

4. Interview with Vincent Tourette

5. Prank calls cause multiple evacuations

Authorities went on high alert Sunday after prank calls caused evacuations in two shopping malls and a casino as well as an airplane that was about to take off in Larnaca...

6. Russia, Iran and Turkey have different visions for Syria but all three face US sanctions

7. Trump warns Syria, Russia and Iran not to attack Idlib

8. Out-of-towner enters Nicosia competition

Papantoniou Supermarkets is getting ready to set up shop in the middle of a tough competitive market in western Nicosia, where other giants also stake a claim, but there are still some permit hurdles for the out-of-town family...