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22 September, 2019


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1. Cypriots to name exoplanet this year

Members of the public in 100 countries, including Cyprus, will soon have an opportunity to vote on a name to be given to an exoplanet by the end of the year...

2. Perseids peak this weekend

Stargazing enthusiasts can expect to see around a dozen Perseids per hour this weekend, which is the peak of the summer meteor shower...

3. Chinese Ambassador to Cyprus: No one stands to win in a trade war

4. How to reinforce the arsenal for the fight against cancer

With research and timely diagnosis being the tip of the spear in the fight against cancer, Carbo One Ltd funds significant events that aim at reinforcing research...

5. KPMG in Cyprus presented the launch of its KPMGScienceShop

6. Ahrweiler: History that teaches only one solution is a dangerous thing

7. Number of Cypriots who want to send their names to Mars rises

8. Mystery woman’s cause of death still unknown

Police investigators are trying to add more pieces to the puzzle as they try to identify the woman whose body was found in an abandoned mine in Nicosia...

9. Female corpse found in abandoned well

Authorities are on high alert following the discovery of a female corpse spotted by tourists in a well at an abandoned mine in Nicosia district...

10. Astrobank appoints new CEO

11. Aristotle shows us the path Jeffrey Sachs says at Hubert Curien lecture in Nicosia

12. Jeffrey Sachs: The 2019 Hubert Curien Memorial Lecture

13. NASA's Opportunity bids farewell

14. NASA gives Mars rocks Cypriot dialect names

15. Cyprus and Portugal agree to strengthen ties

16. Judy Garber confirmed ambassador to Cyprus

The US Senate has confirmed the appointment of Judith Gail "Judy" Garber as Ambassador to Cyprus along with nearly two dozen nominations to other countries on the final day of the 115th Congress...

17. EU Commission earmarks €34.5 million for Turkish Cypriots€34-5-million-for-turkish-cypriots

18. Wanted - Scientist to feature on Britain's new 50 pound note

19. NASA Chief Scientist: In our life time we will know if we are alone in the cosmos

20. Cyprus police bet on behavioural science

Cyprus police is betting on behavioural sciences in another effort to combat crime, drawing on experts and techniques reminiscent of CSI shows on television...

21. Cyprus poses for the camera up in space

Well known German astronaut Alexander Gerst says it is not possible to miss Cyprus from space, and he proved it with a post on social media...

22. Nobel Prize in Economics awarded to Nordhaus and Romer

23. Opium found in Ancient Cyprus vessel

24. Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to scientists who harnessed the power of evolution

25. Physics Nobel prize winners include first female laureate in 55 years

26. Kasoulides bestowed Legion of Honour

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian praised Ioannis Kasoulides during a special ceremony in Nicosia, where France awarded the Legion of Honour to the Cypriot former foreign minister...

27. Stephen Lillie: There is only plan A for Cyprus

There is a clear plan A for Cyprus, that of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation solution, and there is no plan B, UK High Commissioner in Nicosia, Stephen Lillie, has told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), stressing that “for plan A to succeed the negotiations need to be well prepared, and the public opinion needs to be well prepared” as well....

28. Kids become archaeologists for a day at Ancient Corinth

A colorful and joyful gaggle of 31 kids head down a narrow footpath to an excavation site at Ancient Corinth. They are all carrying backpacks and wearing identical green hats to protect them from the hot sun. ...

29. Meteor shower peaks this weekend

Stargazers are in for a treat this weekend, as tiny space debris left behind by Comet Swift-Tuttle will put on a spectacular show known as Perseids under very favourable moon conditions for this year...

30. Trump and Kim shake hands in Singapore

US President Donald Trump said a historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Tuesday had gone “better than anybody could have expected”, and they would sign a document following talks on ways to end a nuclear standoff on the Korean peninsula...