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Averof: 'Technology firms can't find qualified Cypriot workers'

'Unfortunately, we lack qualified Cypriots for today's professions and those of the future

Source: CNA

Averof Neophytou, Presidential Candidate and President of the Democratic Rally, stated after his visit to Murex that the global and Cypriot markets are in need of programmers and technology professionals. He stated that we do not have qualified Cypriots for present and future professions and this needs to be highlighted.

"We went to Murex Fintech today, a French company that employs around 3,500 people worldwide and decided to open offices in Cyprus in the last year and a half. In Cyprus, it employs over 140 people. Almost all of them, with annual salaries of more than 55,000 euros, "He stated.

"They are looking for Cypriots to work for them. Unfortunately, we lack qualified Cypriots in today's and tomorrow's professions "Neophytou explained.

He went on to say that the big bet is to highlight the professions with added value, with the right vocational orientation, but also with our students' information. "The fourth industrial revolution has begun. The global and Cypriot markets require programmers and technology professionals," he stated.

According to Neophytou, Cyprus will be the world leader in terms of foreign investment growth in 2021, and among the top ten countries in terms of foreign investment in 2022.

"In Cyprus, there are over 200 technology companies. With over 15,000 employees, all of whom are inexorably well compensated. We can create an even better Cyprus by utilizing the Recovery and Resilience Fund," he noted.

But, he added, there is one condition for this process to continue: our country's economic stability. "Without economic stability, no one will choose to invest in our country," he said.

He continued, "We are confident, we know, we are confident that we can keep our country on a steady path of growth, with additional opportunities for foreign investment, which is necessary to strengthen the economy, while also opening up jobs with high wages. Optimistic about tomorrow, optimistic about our country's future."


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