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Christmas shopping sees supermarket surge, clothing decline

Supermarkets report increased turnout and stable prices, while clothing and footwear sectors face challenges.


Christmas shopping in Cyprus saw contrasting results, with supermarkets experiencing a better turnout compared to the previous year, while clothing and footwear shops faced a decline, except for children's gifts.

According to Andreas Hadjiadamou, President of the Cyprus Supermarkets Association, the Christmas feast was a priority for consumers, ensuring a robust turnout.

Despite price pressures over the last two years, competition and ongoing efforts to incentivize customers maintained prices at last year's levels.

Prices, especially for key products like meats, experienced a downward trend, contributing to customer satisfaction.

Hadjiadamou expressed complete satisfaction with the current turnout, anticipating a continued strong presence in the coming days, especially on Friday, Saturday, and New Year's Eve.

Marios Droushiotis, President of the Cypriot Consumers' Association, affirmed that supermarkets and butcher shops had a successful turnout compared to the previous year.

Despite today's relatively slow market, he expects increased activity during the weekend as consumers shop for New Year's.

Prices remained stable upon supermarkets reopening after Christmas, and there were no reported shortages of fresh produce.

The market for adult clothing and footwear, especially men's, faced challenges, with people browsing but not making purchases.

George Ellinides, President of the Cyprus Confederation of Professional Craftsmen and Shopkeepers, highlighted the difficulty for shopkeepers to cover rents and expenses.

The market has seen a decline, and festivities in city centers, while enjoyable, did not significantly impact retail consumption.

Overall, the Christmas shopping season showcased a thriving supermarket sector while highlighting difficulties and reduced consumer activity in the clothing and footwear market.

[Source: CNA]

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