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24 May, 2024
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The year's final weather extravaganza!

Let's give this weather forecast a fresh twist as we wave goodbye to 2023 and gear up for a new year!


Today, imagine the fog as a shy guest at a party, finally deciding to step aside. Ta-da! Clear skies are here, flaunting temperatures like they're showing off New Year resolutions: 21 degrees inland, 22 degrees coastal, and a breezy 13 degrees up in the mountains.

As the night takes center stage, expect clear skies to host a celestial show. Temperatures? They're dipping like they're trying to find the perfect cozy spot: 9 degrees inland, 12 degrees by the coast, and a chilly 7 degrees up in the mountains.

And for those weather buffs, I'm sure you'll appreciate the nitty-gritty details.  Winds are playing DJ, spinning mainly from the northeast. Light to moderate beats (that's 3 to 4 Beaufort) with occasional stronger remixes in the north, east, and south.  Seas are like partygoers – calm in the west, a bit lively elsewhere, and downright spirited in the east and north.  Quick temperature recap: 21 inland, 22 coastal, and 13 mountains.

Tomorrow's teaser? Expect more of the good stuff as we see a rerun of clear skies and moderate temps. No spoilers, but it's looking like a repeat performance!

On Saturday it's a cloudy curtain call as the day starts clear but adds a dash of high clouds by afternoon. Think of it as nature's way of sprinkling some pizzazz before the year's grand finale!

All in all, the temperature plays like your favorite playlist – staying upbeat and above average, keeping the party vibes alive!

And there you have it! A weather forecast with a sprinkle of fun, ready to bid adieu to 2023 and welcome 2024 with open arms and clear skies!

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