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Makarios Hospital faces surge in pediatric respiratory cases

RSV virus and pneumonia cases drive hospital admissions, with infants under 12 months particularly affected


The Makarios Hospital in Cyprus is currently experiencing a bed occupancy rate of over 90%, primarily due to an influx of children with respiratory infections, according to Dr. Avraam Elia, the Director of the hospital's Pediatrics Department.

The increase in respiratory infections this year compared to the previous year is notable, with daily admissions ranging from six to eight children. The predominant infection is the RSV virus, causing acute bronchiolitis in infants.

Over half of the hospitalized children are under 12 months old. The second most common infection is lower respiratory infections, including bacterial or viral pneumonia. Dr. Elia anticipates a rise in cases when schools reopen after the Christmas holidays, as is typical annually.

Although the situation is manageable, parents are advised to be cautious, especially with newborns and infants under two months, as their immature immune systems make them more susceptible. Currently, four children are hospitalized with COVID-19, reflecting a slight increase in cases among the general population.

[Source: CNA]

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