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Cypriots opting for Easter holidays abroad

ACTA reports preference for Greece and UK for Easter holidays, summer travel projections uncertain


According to the Association of Cyprus Tourism Agents (ACTA), a substantial number of Cypriots are opting for Easter holidays abroad, as indicated by recent figures.

Cypriots have shown a preference for Greece as their top Easter destination, followed closely by the UK. Early bookings for summer vacations are already underway, aiming to secure favorable prices.

Charis Papacharalambous, head of ACTA, noted that agencies offer stable prices for accommodations, which may vary for different months but remain consistent regardless of reservation timing. In contrast, online platforms often feature fluctuating prices.

Projections suggest that summer travel abroad by Cypriots is expected to match 2023 levels, with a potential slight increase. However, domestic Easter holiday reservations are relatively limited, with preferences leaning towards countryside and coastal areas.

Philokypros Roussounides, head of the Cyprus Hoteliers Association (PASYXE), highlighted the challenges facing the tourism sector in 2024. Reduced foreign bookings compared to 2023 are attributed to geopolitical tensions, economic recession, and the energy crisis in central Europe. Efforts are underway to mitigate losses and approach 2023 numbers.

Limited flight availability to Cyprus, especially from countries with high tourist numbers, is attributed to instability in the Middle East and aircraft shortages in some airlines.

While the UK remains the primary market, emerging markets such as Poland, Romania, Italy, France, and Germany show potential for growth.

Papacharalambous emphasized that future demand for tourism will be influenced by the climate crisis, favoring environmentally friendly destinations capable of offering both quality and quantity tourism experiences.

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