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Consumer Agency reports stable Easter prices with some increases

Prices of 18 Easter products remain steady, but certain items see significant rises, says Consumer Protection Agency


Prices of 18 Easter products are holding steady at last year's levels, with some exceptions showing significant increases, according to findings from the Consumer Protection Agency under the Ministry of Energy, Trade, and Industry.

Aliki Iordanou, Head of the Competition Branch at the Consumer Service, emphasized on the DIASPORA NEWS program that overall, there have been no major price hikes, except for certain specific items.

Specifically, lamb prices have risen by 10% compared to 2023, which is considered moderate given that there was a larger increase in 2023 compared to 2022. Additionally, prices for Flaounas have increased by 3% and Tsoureki by 7%.

However, decreases have been observed in the prices of bread, flour, eggs, and greens.

The Consumer Protection Service advises consumers to conduct thorough market research before making purchases to ensure they find products that meet their needs at reasonable prices.

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