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Digitizing the state for modern times

Strategies and priorities for a modern and efficient state



By Yannis Georgoulas*

The digitization of the state is not just a challenge for modern society; it must be a top priority. By prioritizing digital reform, a government can achieve swift victories that yield highly positive practical and communicative results, as Greece has demonstrated. An analysis of the current situation in the country reveals opportunities for attainable and rapid success.

Like any major project, digitization should commence with meticulous strategic planning, aligning with the demands of the contemporary era. This involves scrutinizing existing processes to establish a realistic timeline. Investment in cutting-edge technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and data security is pivotal for a progressive and modern state. However, successful implementation hinges on coordination within public services and collaboration with private firms capable of providing expertise and potential funding for the project.

Equally crucial is the training of public sector personnel and the active engagement of citizens in the entire digitization process. Training and awareness programs aimed at familiarizing civil servants with digital services foster adoption. The recurring themes of transparency and data security require the establishment of robust practices for managing personal data, which in turn can bolster citizens' trust.

Lastly, an effective system for evaluating results is imperative. This ensures that the state can promptly rectify any issues and continually enhance service delivery to its citizens. To achieve swift victories through digitization, strategic planning, private sector collaboration, civil servant training, data protection, and ongoing assessment are indispensable. Only through these measures can a state realize rapid success and reap the benefits of technology.

*Mr. Yannis Georgoulas is a Strategy and Business Consultant.

[This op-ed was translated from its Greek original]



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