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Embracing the digital change in education

Preparing our future citizens for the digital age



By Yiannis Georgoulas

In the modern age, one of the paramount areas that demands digital transformation is education. Our schools must seamlessly transition into this new era, as our children represent the future citizens who will shape our world. It is imperative that we equip them with the necessary tools today, ensuring they can adeptly navigate the technological landscape that is already upon us.

To facilitate the digital transition in education, we must not only be willing to make significant investments but also foster collaboration among various stakeholders, including parents, educators, and organizations dedicated to children's education. The initial and foremost step on this journey is to provide all students and teachers with access to computers and high-speed internet connections.

Simultaneously, teachers must undergo training in emerging technologies and the effective utilization of digital tools for teaching. This effort should be a joint undertaking with parents, enabling them to closely monitor their children's educational progress. Eventually, education should evolve to encompass specialized applications designed to manage learning content and facilitate communication with students. We witnessed a glimpse of this during the COVID-19 pandemic when distance learning became a necessity.

To ensure success, paramount attention must be devoted to data security and safeguarding children from online risks, and technical support should set exemplary standards. Continuous assessment of digital education will play a pivotal role in its ongoing enhancement. Technology and digital literacy should be elevated to top priorities within the Ministry of Education. It is the future, and if we aspire for our children to seamlessly integrate into the global community, we must not underestimate its significance.

Mr. Yiannis Georgoulas is a seasoned strategy and business consultant.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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