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16 students awarded $34,500 in scholarships for US universities

The Cyprus Children's Fund invests in education for Greek and Cypriot students in American universities


The Cyprus Children's Fund (CCF) has announced the selection of 16 students for its 2023 Scholarship Awards, totaling $34,500. These scholarships are aimed at supporting Greek students pursuing their education in American universities. The recipients, chosen by the CCF Scholarship Committee, come from various prestigious institutions, including NYU, Harvard, Princeton, and others.

Elena Anastasiou Rossi, Chairwoman of the Fund, emphasized their commitment to providing scholarship support despite challenging circumstances. She noted that the recipients are pursuing diverse fields of study, ranging from theology to law, medicine, and technology.

Nicos Zittis, President of the Cyprus Children's Fund, expressed their dedication to offering scholarships to students of Hellenic descent in the United States. The scholarship recipients were chosen for their academic and non-academic achievements.

The CCF also announced that scholarship applications for 2024 will be available from January 1, 2024, for students of Hellenic origin who are citizens of the United States, Greece, and/or Cyprus. Eligible students must be enrolled full-time at a US-accredited college or university starting in September 2023. Applications should be submitted by April 30, 2024, following the provided instructions on the organization's website (

The 16 students awarded scholarships for 2023 include Jayla Paschalis (Cyprus-US Chamber of Commerce funded scholarship in memory of Dennis Droushiotis), Stephanos Kyprianou, Christos Metaxas, Ilias Kyriakides, and others.

[Information sourced from CNA]

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